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DHHS shared guidance documents for e-prescribing and opioid dispensing

DHHS shared guidance documents for e-prescribing and opioid dispensing.  Notably, “A pharmacist is NOT required to verify that a practitioner has a waiver of the requirement to electronically prescribe…” To review the official documents, please click on the links below. Electronic-Prescribing-Clarifications Opioid Dispensing Clarification    

E-Prescribing Grace Period Notice and Chapter 488 User Guide

The deadline for mandatory e-prescribing of opioids was rapidly approaching on July 1st. However, the State sent the following communication announcing a 31 day grace period for enforcement of the penalties for violating the e-prescribing provision.  This is good news and will give prescribers and dispensers a little more time to prepare. DHHS provided material on other provisions in Chapter […]

2017 Scholarship Golf Scramble

Join us for our 2017 Scholarship Golf Scramble ! Where: Val Halla Country Club When: Saturday, August 12, 2017 Shotgun start 1pm Includes 18 holes of golf on a championship course, golf cart, BBQ dinner at Rachel’s on the Green! Cost: Single Golfer: $110.00 Foursome: $400.00 Dinner Only: $35.00 Corporate or personal hole sponsorship: $75 […]

Pharmacists from across Maine convene in Augusta to advocate for profession and patients

Pharmacists and pharmacy students from across the state convened in Augusta on May 30th to advocate for LD 572.   Update: Senate passes LD 572; now on to the House!  LD 572 specifies in statute that the “Practice of Pharmacy” is “the provision of health care services” and that “Pharmacists” are “providers of health care services”. […]

LD6 and LD44 Are Successfully Moving Through the Legislative Process

Good news!!  Two bills, LD 6, an “An Act to Prohibit Insurance Carriers from Retroactively Reducing Payment on Clean Claims Submitted by Pharmacies” and LD 455, “An Act Relating to the Provision of Smoking Cessation Services by Pharmacists” are moving through the legislature process. LD 6, an “An Act to Prohibit Insurance Carriers from Retroactively Reducing Payment on […]

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At the Spring 2017 one day event, all CE questionnaires will be processed electronically. If you are attending the convention, it is recommended you bring a device with internet access (tablet, smartphone, laptop). All forms must be completed within 7 days and credits will appear on the CPE Monitor by May 1, 2017.


Saturday, April 1st


9:00am: USP 800- Completing Assessment of Risk in Community Pharmacy:  Patricia Kienle, RPh, MPA, FASHP

10:15am: Immunization Update 2017 & Human Papilloma Virus 2017Kenneth “Mac” McCall, PharmD, BCGP,  Brooke Cowles, PharmD, PGY1 Resident

12:45pm:  VA Maine Opioid Safety Initiative: Academic Detailing:  Alisa HughesStricklett, PharmD, BCPS,

Emily Stoukides, PharmD, PGY1 Resident & Brett Glasheen, PharmD, PGY1 Resident

2:00pm: Antimicrobial Stewardship: Advancing Patient Care by Improving Medication Use:  Anthony Casapao, PharmD

3:00pm:  Law Update 2017Greg Cameron, BS, RPh

NOW is the time to advocate for your profession!  Details about how YOU can get involved are outlined below.

I’m delighted to report that a date for a public hearing has been set for LD 572, An Act to Amend the Laws Governing the Practice of Pharmacy, and LD 456, An Act to Increase Access to Vaccinations.  
Sen. Amy Volk, Senate Chair & Rep. Ryan Fecteau, House Chair 
PUBLIC HEARING: Tuesday, March 07, 2017, 1:00 PM, Cross Building, Room 208
NOW is the time to recognize pharmacists as Providers of Health Care Services!

LD 572 amends the definitions of “Pharmacist” and “Practice of Pharmacy” to specify that our profession provides health care services.  Every day, pharmacists across our state educate patients on the safe use of medications, immunize against vaccine-preventable diseases, provide comprehensive medication reviews to seniors, and reduce the risks of medication adverse events thereby lowering total healthcare costs.  LD 572 recognizes the role of pharmacists in today’s healthcare systems.  LD 572 formally defines what is already a fact; pharmacists are “Providers of Health Care Services” and members of the healthcare team.  LD 572 has bipartisan support; sponsored by Senator Volk  of Scarborough and co-sponsored by Representative Fecteau of Biddeford, Senator Brakey of Androscoggin, Senator Katz of Kennebec, Representative Perry of Calais, and Representative Chace of Durham.  With both accredited colleges of pharmacy in Maine training Doctor of Pharmacy graduates, now is the time to recognize the contribution of pharmacists to patient careMaine 128_LD 572 Practice of Pharmacy       

LD 456 expands access to vaccination services for teens and preteens by allowing the administration of certain vaccines by a pharmacist to a person 11 years of age and older, instead of 18 years of age and older as in current law.  The CDC routinely recommends the HPV vaccine to prevent certain cancers, the Tdap booster, and the meningococcal vaccine to persons in this age group.  LD 456 is good public health policy for 3 reasons.  1) Maine has the lowest vaccination rate of Tdap (87.7%), meningococcal (77.7%), and HPV (53.9%, >2 doses) of all New England states(1).  The recent pertussis outbreak in Maine with a peak of 557 cases in 2014 is a powerful reminder that infectious diseases can gain ground at any time, unless we remain vigilant(2).  2) Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals.  Over 1,000 pharmacists have been trained and registered as immunizers in Maine.  Pharmacist immunizers are located in every county of our state and offer vaccination services in underserved, rural communities.  Many pharmacies offer vaccination services on a walk-in basis during days, evenings, and weekends.  3) Lastly, LD 456 ensures pharmacists work in collaboration with the child’s physician.  LD 456 and existing regulations require a prescription or standing order for Tdap, Meningococcal or HPV vaccines prior to pharmacist administration.  LD 456 and existing regulations also require the pharmacist to notify the authorizing practitioner (of the vaccine administration) who issues the prescription or standing order within 3 business days.  This bill ensures that pharmacists work collaboratively on healthcare teams to ensure appropriate immunizations. Maine 128_LD 456 Access to Vaccinations
What can YOU do to advocate for pharmacy?
1) Attend the public hearing on March 7th.  Bring a patient advocate, bring a medical colleague, bring your APPE students (in their white coats).  
2) If you can’t attend in person, send me your testimony of support (template letter attached) and I’ll submit your testimony on your behalf at the public hearing.
Pharmacy needs to STAND UNITED for this hearing and show our commitment to public policy solutions that optimize care for patients.  We need at least 30 pharmacy students in white coats at this hearing.  We need pharmacists from a variety of practice settings to testify their support.  We need at least 100 letters of support from pharmacists across the state.
Thank you for your commitment!  Please feel free to contact me with questions.
Best regards,

Click Here for  MPA minutes June 2016


Click Here for MPA minutes July 2016


Opioids can have serious risks and side effects, and CDC developed the CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain to encourage safer, more effective chronic pain management. CDC’s new Opioid Guideline App makes it easier to apply the recommendations into clinical practice by putting the entire guideline, tools, and resources in the palm of your hand.

Since 1999, the amount of prescription opioids sold in the U.S. has nearly quadrupled.


  • Patients prescribed higher opioid dosages are at higher risk of overdose death. Use the app to quickly calculate the total daily opioid dose (MME) to identify patients who may need closer monitoring, tapering, or other measures to reduce risk.
  • Access summaries of key recommendations or link to the full Guideline to make informed clinical decisions and protect your patients.
  • To provide safer, more effective pain management, talk to your patients about the risks and benefits of opioids and work together towards treatment goals. Use the interactive MI feature to practice effective communication skills and prescribe with confidence.


Download the free Opioid Guideline App today!  CDC Drug Overdose Prescribing APP

This App, including the calculator, is not intended to replace clinical judgment. Always consider the individual clinical circumstances of each patient.