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PMP Enhancements – Account Verification Requested

Please verify your PMP account information by end of business November 30, 2016 to ensure a smooth transition to the new software system in mid December.  Please read the letter from Sheldon Wheeler outlining the new system requirements and transition plan.   Dear Account Holder: The Maine Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) will be upgrading software […]

Maine’s New Opioid Prescribing and PMP Law, Chapter 488 Update

Maine’s new opioid prescribing and PMP law takes effect July 29th, though some provisions have other timeframes specified in the law.  The impact of this law will significantly affect prescribers, pharmacists and patients.  Here’s an essential update: Penalties Individuals who violate this law (prescribers and pharmacists) may be subject to civil penalties of $250 per violation, not […]

Letter From AG Mills Regarding Heroin and Opioid Crisis

Maine Attorney General, Janet Mills, has requested the assistance of the Maine Pharmacy Association in regards to the heroin and opioid abuse crisis in the State of Maine.  Please read the Letter from AG Mills and the accompanying Narcotic Drugs Warning and take action to be part of the solution.

Collaborative Drug Therapy Management Proposed Rule-making is Now Available

We’re one step closer to advancing pharmacy practice in Maine!  The proposed rule-making for Collaborative Drug Therapy Management is now available.    Please review the Proposed Rule-making CDTM Document and share your thoughts to by December 31, 2015.   MPA will collate all comments into a letter to the Board by the comment deadline of January 4th.

Maine Pharmacy Association Advocates for Provider Status: HR 592/S314

HR 592/S314 “Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act” is one of the most important legislative initiatives for the profession of pharmacy. HR 592 and the Senate companion bill S314 would amend Title XVIII of the Social Security Act to include pharmacists as providers thereby enabling patient access to, and payment for pharmacy services.  Currently, […]


We are the first professional state pharmacy association in the country. The Maine Pharmacy Association has been serving the interests of Maine pharmacy since 1867.

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    The Maine Pharmacy Association has been serving the interests of Maine pharmacy since 1867. We are the first professional state pharmacy association in the country.

    Pharmacists join the MPA realizing that they can accomplish more for their profession through an association than as individuals. Rules, regulations, legislative issues and the practice of pharmacy are changing on a daily basis. The MPA will help make this evolution a rewarding experience for the individual pharmacist, pharmacy or technician.

    The Maine Pharmacy Association offers strength and professionalism through association. We invite you to join with your professional colleagues to enhance the progress of pharmacy in Maine.

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